Experience the redness. 

Red. Exposure to Colour is an interactive, experimental space that will allow you to experience the colour red at multiple levels.


By delving into the monochrome scenery, you will have an opportunity to explore different qualities represented by red and feel how it affects your reactions and well-being.

The exhibition consists of six interactive zones where you can safely experience the full potential of this colour.

Interactive zones

Create a Garden of Delights

Move the magnets and create your own work of art. Inspired by their forms and meanings, compose movable images on the large scale magnetic panorama to make your own version of widely known piece by Hieronimus Bosch.

Express your anger

Entering the space of fire awakens your energy, courage, impulsiveness, and maybe even anger, but you can give immediate vent to these feelings by hitting a punching bag.

Return to the Womb

Find a comfortable position in the soft cocoon – it will be the best time to indulge in the sense
of safety and pleasure, reminiscent of the time spent in the womb at the very beginning
of your existence.

Make an intention

Taking on the contemplative challenge of “plaiting intentions” will make you fully realise what it means to persevere in pursuing the goal.

Smell the redness

Can you imagine how does the colour smell? We dispersed  craft scent mixture of sandalwood, patchouli and cedarwood to induce state of safety and being grounded.

Listen and feel

Experience the full spectrum of redness by immersing yourself in a soft beanbag and listening to stories about the body and the emotions inscribed in it.

 Listen to the stories about the color.


Project implemented in
Wrocław Contemporary Museum
as a part of Self- service museum program.

Photo documentation

Małgorzata Kujda