Make your creative statement

Here is what you can do playing with this interactive exhibition created by On Dream Studio. Express unexpected.

The Pixelosis installation has converted itself into the creative agora where people can make visual statements and express their individuality. We have found out that there are many amazing compostions posted on private Instagram accounts with hastag #pixeloza or #pixelosis. People love to share what they have created!


The installation is made up of a huge number of colourful elements – pixels that could be freely arranged. Combining selected pixels contributes to gradual emergence of shapes and meanings out of the apparent chaos

Building an image with simple modules is a visual rule that fires up the imagination and encourages a creative attitude in different people, irrespective of their age. These small elements reveal an almost infinite possibility of combinations.


The exhibition consists of large scale panorama (28 meters long, 2 meters high), incredibly large amounth of colourful magnetic elements and interior elements that are part of the exhibition atmosphere.

  • Charcoal


  • Ash Grey


  • White



Project implemented in
Wrocław Contemporary Museum
as a part of Self- service museum program.

Photo documentation

Małgorzata Kujda

Photos taken by visitors are posted with their permission. Search for more #pixelosis #pikseloza #muzeumwspolczesne on Instagram.