Express your emotions

Create an image with magnetic elements and express your actual emotions by making your own visual and sound composition.


Art institutions rarely allow to feel free in their spaces and express  any feelings. Usually they impose specific behavioral code that has to be followed in order to enter their spaces.
Do not touch, do not be loud – in short: do behave!

The Externalizer is an interactive installation that facilitates the process of expressing emotions through the movement, contact with not photoshopped depictions of human body and the sound making. You can relax and lay dawn on the pillows to prolong the moment of experiencing your emotions trough art.


The installation consists of 18 m long background and magnetic elements with depictions of human body parts. There are photosensors hidden in the background – by covering them with movable pieces you can create your own music composition that will speak more about your emotional state.

  • Blue / background


  • Flesh-colored / elements


  • Pink / floor



Project implemented in
Wrocław Contemporary Museum
as a part of Self- service museum program.

Photo documentation

Małgorzata Kujda