Awaken your senses

Follow a deep, multisensory experience. Accustom the eyes and see what is hidden in the darkness.  Immersed in earth, we will awaken our sight, touch, smell and hearing.

How to do it?


Get your eyesight accustomed to the surrounding.

Find and smell aromatic truffles.

Pet the Murmur and help him acquire his shape.

Submerge yourself in the earth comfortably.


This exhibition interior is designed to enhance the feeling of being under the Earth surface.

Soft pillows with different textures, three stands where the tales can be listened to, furry magnetic elements and scent that brings us into the feeling of being in the place where time does not matter – all of this makes exhibition atmosphere.

  • Black


  • White



Project implemented in
Wrocław Contemporary Museum
as a part of Self- service museum program.

Photo documentation

Małgorzata Kujda