Allow yourself to daydream

Enter the oneiric landscape. Let yourself be carried away by intuition and express the inexpressible by moving symbolic elements.

How does it work?

The Dreamagining is an installation that allows you to interpret and understand your dreams.

The exhibition has been designed as a tool for conscious dreaming where tensions accumulated in the mind and body can be expressed through surreal collages.

Located outside of reality, this place draws on the power of symbols, which are the building blocks of the narrative of dreams.


The exhibition consists of large scale panorama (28 meters long, 2 meters high),
incredibly large amounth of consciously selected magnetic elements and interior
elements that are part of the exhibition atmosphere.
Visual zone is built in 90 percent fromour own photography.

Blue and gold are the main colors that enhance the dreamlike  feeling.
Their usage was inspired by the spirituality of the Middle Ages.

  • Gold


  • Blue


How to play with it?


The essence of dreaming manifests itself at the level of subtle feelings and impressions that we normally marginalise. Being too preoccupied with “realness”, we overlook what is really important to us. Sleep provides us with these experiences in the form of seemingly incomprehensible abstract visions. They may express the anxieties accumulated during the day, the synthesis of thoughts, as well as new ideas and powerful insights.

Interpretation of the dreams can be found in the exhibition’s guidebook that describes the mechanisms governing this land. It makes it easier to decipher the meanings that we have written in intuitively arranged compositions.


Project implemented in
Wrocław Contemporary Museum
as a part of Self- service museum program.

Visit the museum website.


Photo documentation

Jerzy Wypych