To express love is to create.

We live it, share it

and make you believe

that dreams are real.

About On Dream

We are creative studio that incorporates art, design,  psychology
and education into our agenda. Our professional background consists of work for art institutions, academic institutions and non- official art word.

On Dream means that our fuel and high is our passion to work with what is hidden in imagination. We enable others to feel the same way we do.

Love collaboration

Art Institutions

Due to our longtime collaboration with art institutions we can design and carry out the realisation of interactive exhibition that will serve as an creative playground and educational tool for the visitors.

Commercial Institutions

If your brand is or would like to be identified with creativity – we can make up something special for you.


Interactive installation can serve as a main attracion or can be a part of a bigger venue. Our ideas will spice up your event and will allow your guests to experience something extraoridinary.

Workshop participants

We design interactive exhibitions not only for pure joy but to use them as a tool for personal developement. During our workshops we guide people through the creative proces that can generate meaningful insights.

The Awesome Creatives